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SeeTheSound.Net is Changing For The Better

So sorry for the shock of change. But the original page can be reached by clicking here.

Original Page
Original Page

We’ll be continually adding new content and layout changes here, so keep an eye open! Keep Your Eye Open May Yahuweh Baruch You, Yahochanan & Elishabet      

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5 Responses to “SeeTheSound.Net is Changing For The Better”

  1. Carolyn Singer

    I just found your site from Eric Bissell’s comment on one of his paleo vids. I am enjoying things you are saying in the series titled The Truth & Yehwah’s Name. I am a bit surprised there is no more content since 2012. Do you have a mailing list or some other way to share ongoing messages. I would like to hear more of your messages. Thanks, Carolyn Singer

  2. Shalom Carolyn,

    Thank you for your comment. I emailed you directly about a day after your posting, and just wanted to make sure you received it. If not, then let me know and I’ll resend. It’s the same email address as this one.

    Chag HaMatzot Sameach! (Happy Feast of Unleavened Bread)

  3. lynn

    do you have a mailing list or other sites to get more of your offerings? 😉
    I would love to download the paleo alef bet but am not finding directions or link rite here on your site … m i just being old and uneducated in technosavvy world? m i looking at it and not seeing it?
    thanks for sending instructions for me …
    and blessings to you n yours as we count down these weeks til next feast day 😉
    thanks so much!
    ps. wonder if planet x visited when moses was leading the people in the desert, and maybe that is why the trip took 40 years rather than days … YHUH was keeping them out of danger from the hullablaoo of Nibiru’s visit … ???? 😉
    thanks again! 😉 lynn 😉

  4. Pearl Rodie

    I found your site because Eric Bissell mentioned you and the site in his video teaching. This site does not appear to be currant. Please comment.

  5. admin

    I have written you an email in response to your question.

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